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About Us


We are tour organizer to tanjung puting national park in Kumai, our adressed on mosque street number 22 in Kumai - Pangkalan bun, Central Kalimantan under legal company CV. Patria Tama and our licence. We provide tour packages to see orangutans of Indonesian Borneo in their natural habitat Tanjung Puting National Park, Tanjung Keluang Nature Park and Dayak tribe.

We have two boat and there are three guide (Dodie, Febrie and Eko). They are the profesional guide have experience more than 10 years.

We offering tour packages which included raising awareness of ecotourism and environment with the local point of the orangutan. We have experience to organize the tour in Tanjung Puting and Dayak Tribe. We have boat and great tour packages to visiting by tourist local and foreigner tourist. Please joint us to explore the rainforest and wild orangutan in their real habitat, and you will get a lot of experiences and memoriable in your life.


Thank you very much for your visit our web and Service Quality is Our Priority