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  • TerasKreasi

    I brought my God daughter and her best friend and the three of us had a blast! There was a crew of four and the three of us on the boat. We had the entire upper upper deck to ourselves with the crew living on the lower deck. Our guide Yepi, a former ranger at the National Park, was excellent, and quite knowledgeable. The cook prepared us three meals a day where we ate at a candle lit table in the back of the upper deck in the evening. The boat had a shower and two toilets, and comfortable mattresses, sleeping out on the deck under a large mosquito net. The tour consisted of three stops. Two at feeding spots within the national park where we could observe the orangutans and take pictures. The third stop was at Camp Leakey further upstream where we also went to their feeding spot. But it was here on the trails to and from the feeding spot that we encountered orangutans passing us on the trail. How delightful that was! Rini took care of our arrangements, making our reservations for us from Jakarta (CGK) to PKN, then pick up from the airport, drop off at the hotel in Pangkalan Bun, pick up the next morning and drop off at the boat. The same at the end of the tour. The round-trip airfare from Jakarta to Borneo was about $120 per person. Cheaper on many days. Even though the purpose of this trip was to see the orangutans, the girls and I thought the most enjoyable part of the entire trip was sitting in the front of the boat and just watching the river and jungle go by. It was on the boat while going up the river that we were able to spot all sorts of wildlife, including long nose monkeys, macaws, and beautiful birds with every color from the crayon box.

  • TerasKreasi

    For the first we tour by klotok we enjoy it with crew friendly, keep quality your service

  • TerasKreasi

    Everything was in order. Thank you very much for helping us!! Well recommend you to our colleagues. Hope to be working again with you on our future tour..."

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