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Tips for your travelling

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That traveling you stay safe and comfortable, consider the following tips and practice:

  1. Before leaving home, obligatory researching ticket prices, lodging options, the operating hours of public transport, as well as details such as crime-prone places and modes of pickpocketing.
  2. Make a budget and travel plans as complete as possible, with an estimated travel time and money you need to set aside
  3. Learning how packing as light as possible. Remember, no one will help bring goods innate.
  4. Separate cash and your ATM card. Provide softcopy and hardcopy of your important documents.
  5. Make a note of important phone numbers from cities you visit. Similarly save phone numbers of people nearby as emergency contacts.
  6. When traveling alone, so it is strongly recommended sosmed pansy. Not to show off, but to give instructions to your family if something happens to you.
  7. It is essential to always remember this moment. Do not just take photos of the scenery, the opponent you a sense of pride and occasional selfie.
  8. You'll meet nice people on the trip. However, you remain the only person you can rely on. Follow instincts - remain cautious. May your journey smoothly.